Upcoming Events

Sarah is an engaging and versatile public speaker, who is experienced at sharing her knowledge of medieval and early modern culture with all kinds of audiences, from children to academics. She appears regularly on television and radio and has given many talks and readings at festivals, galleries, museums, conferences, history groups, and society meetings. She has also directed over seventeen cultural events with The Liverpool Players.

Recent and Upcoming Events

The Mermaid Podcast, Series 2, Episode 2. Interview about mermaids in global cultures (July 2018).

Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, Australia, 11 June 2018. Interview about mermaids.

Under the Moon, for Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon at Liverpool Cathedral (with The Liverpool Players), 26 May 2018

TalkRadio, The Steph and Dom Show. Interview about the history and appeal of mermaids (May 2018).

BBC History Magazine, Anniversaries: 14 April 1471 Warwick the Kingmaker is Slain in Battle (April 2018).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking, Trade, Davos, Ocean Travel and Mermaids (April 2018).

Past Events

Talks and events 1998-2018 are listed here.