Television, Radio and Press

BBC 4, World at One. Interview on Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking. ‘Mermaids, Caribbean Tales and Copyright‘. Interviewed guest. Arts and Ideas Podcast.

BBC 4, Princess Podcast. Little Mermaid episode. Interview with Anita Anand and Louise O’Neil.

Guinness World Records. ‘How Man Tricked Into Buying the Worlds Most Expensive Mermaid Lost His Fortune‘. Interview on a the Feejee Mermaid.

BBC 2, Christmas University Challenge. Played in the final as University of Hull Alumni (2022). Episode on iplayer.

BBC Sounds Arts and Ideas, New Thinking Podcast, ‘Game of Thrones and History‘. Presenter (2022).

Adam Art Gallery, Interview with Megan Dunn about mermaids for The Mermaid Chronicles exhibition (2022).

Breathe Magazine, Issue 43, ‘Legends of the Sea’. Interview for a feature by Jade Beecroft (2021).

Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Object Podcast, Monsters and Marvell’s Part III: The Mermaid’s Tale. Podcast on Mermaid history and the Pre-Raphaelite Painter Edward Burne-Jones (2020). SoundCloud. Apple.

National Maritime Museum, Ships, Sea and Stars: Royal Museums Greenwich at Home. Vodcast on Mermaids (2020). Youtube.

Cinderly, The Mermaid Podcast, ‘How Mermaids Protect People From Illness’ (2020). Online. Apple. iHeartRadio. Stitcher. Spotify.

Cleopatra’s Bling Podcast. ‘Interview with History of Mermaids Sarah Peverley’ (2020). Online. Also on Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer etc.

Liverpool Student Media, Women, Race and Writing. Interview for a feature by Alice Burns (2020).

Six Historians Chronicling Important Stories from the Past. Featured by Ezvid (2020).

Channel 5, Digging Up Britain’s Past. S2 E3 ‘Game of Thrones‘. Interview (2019).

The New Issue. Interview for feature on Mermaids by Antonia Charlesworth. Issue 1 (2019).

Old Market Theatre, Hove. Video introduction to The Lure (dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńsk) on the cultural history of mermaids. Part of the British Film Institute’s Musicals Season (2019).

Washington Post. ‘Africa Celebrated Black MermaidsLong Before Disney and #NotMyAriel‘. Interview for feature by Danielle Paquette (2019).

BBC History Magazine. ‘John Hardyng: Henry V’s Secret Agent‘. (July 2019)

Times Higher Education. ‘From Unicorns to Beastly Farts‘. (June 2019). Review of Book of Beasts in print magazine (Issue 2,411) and online.

Vera. Virgin In Flight Magazine. Interview for a 6-page feature on King Arthur by Mike Peake. May 2019 Issue.

Liverpool University News. What Medieval History Tells Us About Game of Thrones (and how it might end…). Comment on Game of Thrones Season 8 (2019).

Big Issue North. Mermaids. Issue 1280 (2019). ‘Drawn to Scales‘, a feature on mermaids, and ‘Mermaids and Where to Find Them‘.

BBC History Magazine. ‘My Favourite Place: Rome, Italy‘ (May 2019).

BBC Radio 5 Live. Interview on the Wars of the Roses for ‘Divided Britain’ with Tony Livesey (2019).

The Kid Who Would be King‘. Interview for a feature on The Kid Who Would be King by Elaine Lipworth. Appeared in magazines and online media worldwide (2019).

Arcane Forge, contribution to a YouTube video on the Trassiorf  (2019).

The Cut, ‘Did Mary, Queen of Scots Really Wear All of Those Earrings?‘ Interview for a feature by Gabriella Paiella (2018).

Cinderly, The Mermaid Podcast, S2 E2 ‘Mermaids Through the Ages: Jesus, Queens and Mummies’ (2018). Online. Apple. Google. iHeart Radio. Stitcher. Spotify.

The Spinoff, ‘Why is Fish Sex so Hot Right Now? (Because Apparently It is)‘. Interview for a feature by Megan Dunn (2018).

ABC Radio National, Australia, Late Night Live with Philip Adams. The Mystery of Mermaids. Interview, podcast and feature on the history and appeal of mermaids (2018).

TalkRadio, The Steph and Dom Show. Interview about the history and appeal of mermaids (2018).

BBC History Magazine, Anniversaries: 14 April 1471 Warwick the Kingmaker is Slain in Battle (2018).

The Boston Globe, The Return of the Mermen. Interview for a feature by Con Chapman (2018).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking, Trade, Davos, Ocean Travel and Mermaids (2018). Podcast.

BBC Radio Merseyside, Roger Phillips Show (Will Batchelor stand in). Interview about Medieval Christmas Traditions (2017).

History of Christmas Traditions. University of Liverpool Podcast, Episode 22 via iTunes, Blubrry, and Web (2017).

Channel 4, Britain’s Ancient Tracks (series 2, ep. 2 Offa’s Dyke). Talking head with Sir Tony Robinson (2017).

BBC 3, When I’m in my tail everything else just floats away: the real life mermaids of Britain. Interview for feature by Catriona White (2017).

The Thinker’s Garden, The Mermaid Isles Project. Feature and Interview about the Mermaids of the British Isles Project (2017).

BBC Radio 2, Drive Time with Simon Mayo (2017). Live interview about Mermaids and short clip.

BBC Radio Georgey Spanswick Tonight (Johnny I’Anson sit in) (2017). Live interview about King Arthur and the discovery of a sword Dozmary Pool.

BBC News, Game of Thrones: Who is the True Heir? (2017) Interview about Inheritance in Game of Thrones. UK feature. Chinese Feature.

Why Do We Love Mermaids? University of Liverpool Podcast, Episode 13 via iTunes and Blubrry. Recommended in The Guardian.

Radio New Zealand, Nights with Bryan Crump (2017). Interview on Mermaids.

The Conversation. Why we Can’t Resist the Lure of Mermaids (2017).

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, Malcolm Boyden Show (Kate Justice sit in). Live interview about storytelling and folklore (2017).

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, Andrew Easton Show. Live interview about Vortigern, local mythology and Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017).

Dallas Observer. Submerged in Subculture: Inside Plano’s Mermaid School. Interview about mermaids in history and popular culture for an article by Paige Skinner (2017).

The Conversation. St Valentine’s – A Minor Day in a Medieval Calendar packed with Festivals (2017).

Times Higher EducationAcademics’ New Year’s Resolutions: From Actual Self to Ideal Self (2017).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking. Five Fantastic Medieval Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking. Being Human Debate at FACT on Man and Animals (2016). Also available as an extended podcast. Feature.

Being Human Festival, Mermaids and the Maritime ImaginaryInterview about Mermaids and the Humanities (2016).

Vice,What’s the Deal with That #MermaidLife thing?‘. Interview about Mermaids in popular culture for an article by Lara Williams (2016).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking. Feature on John Hardyng and Shakespeare’s History Plays (2016). Podcast.

The Big Issue, A History Buff’s Guide to Game of Thrones. Issue 1202 (2016). Article.

SOMM: Into the Bottle (directed by Jason Wise). Historical consultant (2015). Trailer.

BBC One, BreakfastLive Studio Interview about Agincourt 600 (2015).

BBC News. Live Studio Interview about Agincourt 600 (2015).

BBC Radio 5 Live, Sunday Breakfast. Interview about Agincourt 600 (2015).

BBC 4, Oak Tree, ‘talking head’ in documentary with George McGavin (2015). Winner of Royal Television Society Award for Best Science and Natural History programme. ClipTrailer.

Yesterday, S4C, UKTV, Castle Builders. 3-Part Documentary Series (2015), ‘talking head’ (episodes 1 and 3). Trailer

The Conversation. London’s Bloody Tower Plays Host to Game of Thrones Season Five (2015).

Do Not Disturb, ‘Where the Wild Things May Lurk‘. Interview about Mythical Creatures of the British Isles for an article by Benjamin Parker (2015).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking. Feature on ‘Medieval Christmas‘ (2014). Podcast.

BBC Radio Merseyside, Tony Snell in the Morning. Feature on ‘Historical Halloween’ (2014).

The History Vault, ‘Eureka! Historians share their experiences’ (2014).

BBC Radio Kent, The James Whale Show. Feature on ‘Agincourt 599th Anniversary’ (2014).

Mocha TV, Liverpool: An Insider’s Guide (2014).

BBC Arts, On His Majesty’s Secret Service: Scottish Independence and Henry V’s Spy (2014).

BBC Radio 3, Nightwaves. Feature on ‘Medieval Christmas (2013). Podcast.

Times Higher Education. Interview by Matthew Reisz  ‘Very Ripe Fruit Leaves Twitter Followers Nun-plussed’ and ‘Medievalist Shares Ripe fruit of  Penis Tree (2013).

BBC Radio 3, Free ThinkingThe Real Game of Thrones: Power in 15th-Century England (first broadcast 2013; second broadcast 2014).

BBC One, Breakfast. Live studio interview on St George and Englishness (2013).

BBC Radio 3, Words and Music: No Stronger Than a Flower (1st broadcast 2013; 2nd broadcast 2014). Medieval content consultant.

BBC Radio 3, Words and Music: Jewels (1st broadcast 2013; 2nd broadcast 2014). Medieval content consultant.

BBC Radio 3, Words and Music: Mermaids (1st broadcast 2013; 2nd broadcast 2014). Curated and Introduced.

BBC Radio 3, Nightwaves. Essay on The Appeal of King Arthur (2013). Also available as podcast.

BBC Radio Lancashire, Ted Robbins Show. Interview about Medieval Lancashire (2013).

BBC 4 Consultant for Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage and Death (presented by Helen Castor). (2013).

The Champion, Interview about BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinkers (2013).

Bay TV, BBC Radio Merseyside and Liverpool Echo. Interview and features on The Chester Noah Play (2013).

Viewpoint on King Arthur Legend in Liverpool University News (2013)

The History Vault. ‘Five Minutes With…’ Interview (2013).

BBC Radio Merseyside, The Sean Styles Show. Interview about The Second Shepherds’ Play (2012).

Preston FM, Preston Arts Scene. Interview about Medieval Drama and Passion Plays (2012).

Musical Soundtracks (Harp)

The Little Mermaid by Alex Cottrell (2016). Also available on iTunes and Spotify.

‘Sumer is Icumen In’ and ‘Aweccan’ on Untold Soundtrack by Alex Cottrell (2014).

‘Feast with Us’, ‘Transitions’, and ‘Lullaby’, on Goblin Market Soundtrack. Composed and performed by Sarah Peverley and Alex Cottrell at The Kazimier, Liverpool (30 July 2013), and Edinburgh Fringe 2013 (12-17 August 2013)SoundtrackTrailerWebsite, Press, Charity Work.

Transitions‘. Featured in BBC Radio 3 Words and Music: Mermaids (first broadcast 2013; second broadcast 2014).