Past Talks and Events


10 October 2020, 11.30am. ‘Things in Jars’ with Jess Kidd at The Liverpool Literary Festival.

4 June 2020. Ships, Sea and Stars: Royal Museums Greenwich at Home. Vodcast on Mermaids.

Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Object Podcast, Monsters and Marvell’s Part III: The Mermaid’s Tale. Podcast on Mermaid history and the Pre-Raphaelite Painter Edward Burne-Jones (2020). SoundCloud. Apple.

National Maritime Museum, Ships, Sea and Stars: Royal Museums Greenwich at Home. Vodcast on Mermaids (2020). Youtube

8 March 2020. ‘Women in Academia’. A talk for International Women’s Day. Redgrave Court, Liverpool.


18 November 2019. The Lure. Introduction to The Lure (dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńsk) on the cultural history of mermaids. Part of the British Film Institute’s Musicals Season. The Old Market Theatre, Hove.

12 October 2019. Myth and Mystery: Things in Jars with Jess Kidd. Mermaid expert Sarah Peverley joins Jess Kidd, author of Things in Jars, to talk all things mystical, fishy and grotesque. Liverpool Literary Festival, Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool.

BBC Radio 5 Live. Interview on the Wars of the Roses for ‘Divided Britain’ with Tony Livesey (2019).


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Performed by The Liverpool Players. School of Arts Library, University of Liverpool. 13 December 2018.

The Mermaid Podcast, Series 2, Episode 2. Interview about mermaids in global cultures (July 2018).

ABC Radio National, Australia. Late Night Live. Interview and podcast on the history and appeal of mermaids.

Under the Moon, for Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon at Liverpool Cathedral (26 May 2018)

TalkRadio, The Steph and Dom Show. Interview about the history and appeal of mermaids (May, 2018).

BBC Radio 3, Freethinking, Trade, Davos, Ocean Travel and Mermaids (2018).


BBC Radio Merseyside, Roger Phillips Show (Will Batchelor stand in). Interview about Medieval Christmas Traditions (2017).

History of Christmas Traditions. University of Liverpool Podcast, Episode 22 via iTunes, Blubrry, and Web (2017).

Channel 4, Britain’s Ancient Tracks (series 2, ep. 2 Offa’s Dyke). Talking head with Sir Tony Robinson (2017).

BBC 3, When I’m in my tail everything else just floats away: the real life mermaids of Britain. Interview for feature by Catriona White (2017).

BBC Radio 2, Drive Time with Simon Mayo (2017). Live interview about Mermaids.

BBC Radio Georgey Spanswick Tonight (Johnny I’Anson sit in) (2017). Live interview about King Arthur and the discovery of a sword Dozmary Pool.

BBC News, Game of Thrones: Who is the True Heir? (2017) Interview about Inheritance in Game of Thrones. UK feature. Chinese Feature.

Radio New Zealand, Nights with Bryan Crump (2017). Interview on Mermaids.

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, Malcolm Boyden Show (Kate Justice sit in). Live interview about storytelling and folklore (2017).

‘Shipwreck as Salvific Mirror: Mermaids and Sirens in the Medieval Church’, presentation at Shipwrecks and How to Avoid Them: Seafaring and Writing in Medieval and Early Modern Culture. Somerville College, Oxford.

The Little Mermaid at The British Academy’s Literature Week 2017. Carlton House Terrace, London.  ProgrammeTrailer 1Trailer 2.

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, Andrew Easton Show. Live interview about Vortigern, local mythology and Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017).


Daughters of the Deep: Mermaids in Literature and Art. Walker Gallery, Liverpool. Part of Mermaids on the Mersey at the Being Human FestivalInterview.

The Little Mermaid. Walker Gallery, Liverpool. Part of Mermaids on the Mersey at the Being Human FestivalTrailer 1Trailer 2InterviewReviewImagesComposer’s Blog.

Mermaid and Pirate Story Corner and Activities (for young children). Walker Gallery, Liverpool. Part of Mermaids on the Mersey at the Being Human Festival. Interview.

Preview of The Little Mermaid. Being Human Festival Launch. Senate House, London. Tickets.

BBC Radio 3’s Free ThinkingAnimals: Friend or Food?.

BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking, Debate ‘Man and Animals‘, at The Box, Liverpool FACT. Tickets.

Mermaid and Pirate Tales (for young children). Central Library, Liverpool. Part of the Liverpool Literary Festival.

‘Humans and Animals in the Middle Ages.’ Being Human Festival Showcase, Senate House, London.

Robin Hood’s May Day Adventure (director). Speke Hall, Liverpool.

‘Mermaids in their Element’, Public Talk for Women on the Waterfront at Merseyside Maritime Museum.


Bisclavret: The Werewolf. Walker Art Gallery. Part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities 2015. ImagesProgrammeAudio PlayMusicBlog 1Blog 2Blog 3Feature 1Feature 2.

Being a Medieval Human: Natural and Supernatural Encounters. Public Talk at The Walker Gallery 12pm. Part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities.

Being Supernatural: Writing The Werewolf. Theatre in Education Workshop for Schools in the North West. Handout.

The Knight of the Burning Pestle. Theatre in Education Workshop, Liverpool University.

Join the Adventure. Film, Directed by Geraint Thomas for Mocha TV. Filmed at Speke Hall.

‘”Ricardus Franciscus Scripsit”: Expanding the Oeuvre and Patronage of a Late Medieval Scribe.’ Research Seminar, Trinity College, Dublin.

Castle Builders (3 x 1 hr documentaries). Yesterday UKTVTrailer.

‘Staging Agincourt and Anglo-French Relations in Shakespeare’s Henry V.‘ Agincourt 600th Anniversary Event, University of Liverpool.

Mermaids in Their Element. Merseyside Maritime Museum. Part of the One Magnificent City event and Port of Call Lecture Series.

Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits (director). 2 x performances at Walker Gallery, with The Liverpool Players. ImagesProgramme.

Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits (director). 2 x performances at Speke Hall, with The Liverpool Players. ImagesProgramme.

Medieval Stories. St George’s Festival, Culture Liverpool, with The Liverpool Players.

‘”This noble prynce, pierlesse of regyment”: Henry V and Agincourt in Hardyng’s Chronicle. Syon to Agincourt: 1415 and Beyond, University of Hull.

‘Expanding the Oeuvre and Patronage of Ricardus Franciscus.’ Research Seminar for Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages, University of Birmingham.


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (director). Lady Lever Gallery, Port Sunlight. Production with The Liverpool Players. ImagesProgrammePoster.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (director). Speke Hall, Liverpool. Production with The Liverpool Players. ImagesProgrammePoster.

The Knight of the Burning Pestle. Theatre in Education Workshop, Liverpool.

BBC Radio Merseyside, Tony Snell in the Morning Show. Interview about Historical Halloween.

BBC Radio Kent, The James Whale Show. Interview about Agincourt.

Shakespeare Stripped: Three Minute Hamlet (director). Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.

The Real Game of Thrones: Power in 15th-Century England. BBC Radio 3, Free Thinking.

BBC Radio 3, Words and Music. Curated Programme on Mermaids.

Three Minute Hamlet (director). The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool. Video.

Medieval Stories. Storytelling in Education for pre-schools in the North West.

The Interlude of Youth (director). Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire. VideoPosterProgrammeImagesFeature.

Talk at 7th International Medieval Chronicle Conference, Liverpool.

BBC Arts Film on John Hardyng, Henry V’s Spy, and Scottish Independence (presenter).

Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Stanley Theatre, University of Liverpool. ProgrammePosterImagesMusic Feature.


BBC Radio 3, Nightwaves, ‘Medieval Christmas‘.

BBC Radio 3, The Essay, ‘Power in the Fifteenth Century’.

Speed Dating with Ideas. Radio 3’s Free Thinking Festival, The Sage, Gateshead.

The Real Game of Thrones: Power in 15th Century England. Broadcast Talk at Radio 3’s Free Thinking Festival, The Sage, Gateshead.

BBC One, Breakfast, Live interview about St George and Englishness.

BBC Radio 3, Words and Music. Curated Programme on Mermaids.

Goblin Market, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Space at Surgeons’ Hall, 4.20pm. TrailerSoundtrackWebsite.

Preview of Goblin MarketThe Kazimier, Liverpool. TrailerSoundtrackWebsite.

‘A Newly Discovered Manuscript by Ricardus Franciscus.’ International Medieval Congress 2013, University of Leeds (Session 1633 ‘The Pleasure of Discovery: Recent Research and New Perspectives on British Library Manuscripts’ sponsored by The British Library).

Books Have Their Histories: Medieval Chronicles and Their Scribes, Manuscripts and Early Editions. International Medieval Congress 2013, University of Leeds (Session 627).

BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves. 10pm Essay on The Appeal of King Arthur.

Medieval Storytelling. Medieval Day at Lancashire Archive, Preston. Poster.

BBC Radio Lancashire. Interview about Medieval Lancashire.

‘The Use and Abuse of Genealogy in the Middle Ages.’ Spring Talks, Lancashire Record Office, Preston.

The Chester Noah Play (director). Merseyside Maritime Museum. Part of Moby Dick on the Mersey FestivalProgrammePosterImages. Liverpool Echo (web and print). Featured on BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC North West Tonight and Bay TV.


The Second Shepherds’ Play (director). The Walker Art Gallery and The University of Liverpool. Featured on BBC Radio Merseyside.

An Evening of Early Music and Drama (director). Ormskirk Parish Church.

Interview about The Second Shepherds’ PlayThe Sean Styles Show, BBC Radio Merseyside.

Interview about Medieval Drama. Preston Arts Scene, Preston FM.

‘Medieval Guilds and their Passion Plays.’ Preston Arts Festival.

‘”Howe this ile of Albyon had name”: John Hardyng’s Albina and the Wars of the Roses.’ Oxford/Cambridge International Chronicles Symposium (University of Oxford).


‘Visualising Royal Authority: John Hardyng’s use of Lydgate’s ‘King Henry VI’s Triumphal Entry into London 21 February 1432.’ The Fifth International Medieval Chronicle Conference (University of Belfast).

‘From Mise-en-Page to Mess-on-Page: Editing John Hardyng’s Chronicle.‘ Theories and Practices of Editing: A Symposium (University of Liverpool).


Individual and Group Identity in the Middle Ages (organiser). Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

‘”Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t”: Editing the Manuscripts of Hardyng’s Chronicle.‘ AHRC Manuscripts and Printed Books Colloquium (University of Bangor).


‘Political Consciousness and the Literary Mind in Late Medieval England: Hardyng, Vale, Malory and Mankind.’ Guest Lecture at Keio University, Tokyo.


‘”Of me þat am þis tyme an aged wight”: A Re-Evaluation of the Life and Social Milieu of John Hardyng.’ Recording Lives in England in the Later Middle Ages: Twenty Second Harlaxton Symposium (Harlaxton).

‘Men “broughte up of noughte”: The Inversion of Social Hierarchy in John Hardyng’s Chronicle.’ The Fourth International Medieval Chronicle Conference (University of Reading).


‘”A Good Exampell to Avoide Diane”: Reader Responses to John Hardyng’s Chronicle in the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries.’ The 2nd Nowton Court Colloquium on the History of the Book and Digitisation (Cambridge).


‘”Wifes and Maidens, Widowes and Nonnes”: Feminizing History in Hardyng’s Chronicle.’ The Fifteenth Century Conference (Keele University), part of conference recorded for Channel 4’s Britain’s True Monarch (with Tony Robinson).


‘”Howe Ye Shal Rule Youre Subgetts While Ye Leue”: King and Author in John Hardyng’s Chronicle.’ IHR Late Medieval Seminar. The Institute of Historical Research (London).

‘Dynasty and Division: The Depiction of King and Kingdom in John Hardyng’s Chronicle.’ The Third International Medieval Chronicle Conference (Utrecht).

‘Mapping the Authorial Voice: The Authentication of King and Author in John Hardyng’s Chronicle.’ 37th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo.

‘Autobiography in Medieval England.’ University of Hull.


‘The Fifteenth-Century Verse Chronicle of John Hardyng: Sources, Translation and Adaptation.’ International Medieval Congress 2000, University of Leeds.

‘On his Majesty’s Secret Service: The Life, Travels and Chronicle of John Hardyng.’ Ethnic and Regional Identities in the Middle Ages International Conference, University of Hull.

Ethnic and Regional Identities in the Middle Ages International Conference. University of Hull (organiser).


‘Manuscripts, Scribes, and Patrons.’ University of Hull.baner